Spacetime Technology Gains Recognitions For Its GNSS Breakthrough

Presenting GNSS Solution to Minister Shanmugan, Minister for Home Affairs, Singapore

Presenting GNSS Technology to Minister K. Shanmugam, Singapore Minister of Home Affairs


Through the OneMap IdeaWorks initiative organized by the Singapore Land Authority, Spacetime Technology has the honour of showcasing its GNSS solution to Minister K. Shanmugam, Singapore Minister of Home Affairs.  Aimed to steer towards better lifestyles to the people of Singapore through GNSS technology, Spacetime Technology deploys industry expertise and collaborates with leading industry partners - both governmental and commerical - on breakthrough solutions to benefits Singaporeans from all walks of life.  Appointed as GNSS & LBS Centre of Excellence for Asia Pacific by GLAC (GNSS & LBS Association of China) and EDB (Economic Development Board of Singapore), Spacetime Technology steers the research & development and facilitates technology transfers of GNSS & LBS expertise.


The Spacetime CARE App has both garnered recognitions from the authorities, as well as strong media attention with coverage over Channel News Asia, Lianhe Zaobao, Channel 8 News and Capita 958.  The Spacetime CARE App deploys GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to provide the Elderly and their Caregivers peace of mind.  The technology allows route retrieval, positioning tracking to health monitoring, fall alert and seamless health-related appointment bookings to high precision accuracy.  Spacetime Technology is currently in collaboration talks with various leading healthcare provider and has been invited to high level demonstrations to meet the needs and demands of the Singapore market.