Spacetime Technology opens Global First GNSS & LBS Centre of Excellence

Centre positions as an elevated springboard for development of GNSS & LBS leadership in the region.

Singapore, 15 October 2015 – Spacetime Technology announced the official opening of its Centre of Excellence (CoE) focusing on GNSS (Global Navigational Satellite System) and LBS (Location-based Services) research and development in Singapore. The CoE is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and GLAC (GNSS and LBS Association of China), and is the first-of-its-kind in Asia Pacific set up to deepen navigational satellite technology know-how in Singapore from GLAC and enrich the level of expertise in the region.

The CoE acts as the advanced incubator of GNSS & LBS technology real-life apps development and implementation meeting the dynamic needs for applications across the various industries in the region. Using Singapore as a launch pad, Spacetime Technology provides a critical platform for vertical industries to leverage and achieve economic and societal benefits for a better world. Targeted industries include banking & finance, construction, healthcare, hospitality, navigation, retail and tourism.

Singapore was selected by GLAC as the technology promoter for global adoption of GNSS and LBS applications due to its well-established track record as a vibrant technology hub. With the transfer of cutting-edge technology and specialized expertise from GLAC, Spacetime Technology will put Singapore on the world map for launching and executing unprecedented GNSS & LBS applications that meets market’s demand for innovation. “Singapore, being ideally located in the heart of Asia Pacific, offers excellent infrastructure and manpower support. We are confident that with the support of the Singapore government, the development of GNSS and LBS technology will be able to take up at a larger scale and make revolutionary changes in the life of smartphone users,” said Professor Miao Qianjun, Secretary General of GLAC (GNSS and LBS Association of China).

"We are pleased with the establishment of Spacetime Technology’s GNSS and LBS Centre of Excellence in Singapore, and the strong support it has received from GLAC. It is a welcome addition that leverages Singapore’s strengths in technology and innovation, to develop, incubate and implement new satellite-based navigation and positioning solutions that address market needs in the region and beyond,” said Mr Beh Kian Teik, Executive Director, Office for Space Technology and Industry (OSTIn), Singapore Economic Development Board.

Spacetime Technology will be headed by Ping Teck Huat, Chief Executive Officer, who has experience in the GNSS and LBS over the past decade. The company will drive the commercialization and embracement of GNSS and LBS applications throughout the region through its research and development CoE brought in by GLAC.

For further information on Spacetime Technology, please visit : www.spacetime-tech.com

About Spacetime

Spacetime Technology Pte Ltd is a leading player in providing cutting-edge navigational satellite technology and industry-leading expertise, we pledge to help our partners and clients build a competitive edge for seamless expansion into the unlimited potential of the navigational satellite business. Being the first of its kind in Singapore, Spacetime Technology is appointed as the Centre of Excellence for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and LBS (Location-based Service) technologies. This Centre of Excellence is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board and GLAC (GNSS & Location Based Services Association of China) which brings about 2,000 best of breed companies & experts from the China’s GNSS and LNS industries for regional clients and partners of Spacetime to leverage upon. One key focus of the centre is concentrated on R&D activities (research and development) in navigation and location-based service applications. As an economic driver of navigational satellite technology, Spacetime Technology’s establishment serves as a global hub showcases various industry leading successes which are well proven in various verticals industries counting banking & finance, hospitality, transportation, security, retail and beyond.

About GNSS & LBS Association of China (GLAC)

GNSS & LBS Association of China (GLAC) is a non-profit association specializing in the GNSS and LBS industry. It has approximately 2000 members, including research institutes, universities and enterprises which engage in the R&D, manufacturing and operation of global satellite navigation and location-based technology. In June 2014, under the leadership of GLAC, the GNSS & LBS Alliance of China was created to promote the usage and application of Precision Positioning for BeiDou navigation and location based services. The GLAC possesses solid experience in industrial establishment, advanced professional technology support and authoritative policy advantages; its professional advantage will be fully tapped upon in the establishment of the Spacetime’s Centre of Excellence.