GNSS & LBS Association of China

GNSS & LBS Association of China (GLAC) is a non-profit association specializing in the GNSS and LBS industry. It has approximately 2000 members, including research institutes, universities and enterprises which engage in the R&D, manufacturing and operation of global satellite navigation and location-based technology. In June 2014, under the leadership of GLAC, the GNSS & LBS Alliance of China was created to promote the usage and application of Precision Positioning for BeiDou navigation and location based services. The GLAC possesses solid experience in industrial establishment, advanced professional technology support and authoritative policy advantages. 

Spacetime Technology is appointed as the Centre of Excellence by GLAC as its Centre of Excellence for research & Development in GNSS & LBS technology. GLAC’s professional advantage will be fully tapped upon the establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Singapore.