R&D Team - International NATSAV Expert Panel

Mr. Liu Jinchang

Director for Big Data Technology and Deputy Director for R&D Centre, State Grid Information

A NATSAV veteran of 33 years, Mr Liu has a illustrious career in the field of surveying and mapping.  Currently, he leads the R&D centre and Big Data Technology for the Technology arm of Stategrid  - a #2 Global Fortune 500 Company.  Mr Liu has previously held several high profiled portfolio in Anhui Jiyuan Software, Xiamen Great Power GEO Information Technology and Institute of Surveying and Mapping. 

Mr Liu graduated from the Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping.  International secondment includes technology vocation at the Federal Republic of Germany, visiting scholar at The Ohio State University specialization in GIS and Spatio–Temporal Database.  Mr Liu is trilingual in English, Chinese and German. 


Mr. Huang Jialin

Vice President, National Center for Sustainable Development

Mr Huang is currently the Vice President, Business Development for the National Center for Sustainable Development.  Mr Huang has an outstanding 15-year track record working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China with in-depth experience and knowledge of European region, of which, he was stationed in Europe for 7 years.   

A veteran in the field of mega hi-tech and traditional projects, Mr Huang has rich experiences in VC investment, M&A, international JV.  Mr. Huang has successfully conceptualised and organized several international forums with game-changing impact for the international markets.

He brings rich experience in the field of tourism whereby he was instrumental in leading a successful management and training consulting one of the largest China travel companies.  He has successfully provided leadership in the area of market research in enterprise culture, development strategy, VIP service platform for tourist industry, and he has been nominated as the country’s expert in recruitment and training of the volunteers for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Mr. Huang is also managing a mega 300,000 sqm large commercial complex in the central area of Beijing.

Ms. Li Jing

Director of Geographic Information Consultation Center

Xiamen Great Power GEO Information Technology Co.

Ms. Li provides leadership for the development of geographic information.  Decorated with several prestigious technology accolades, Ms Li has patented the Three-Dimensional Semi – Automatic Reconstruction of Substation based on Laser Point Cloud Data from the State Intellectual Property Office in 2016.  In addition, she has led her team to win the Honorary Title of Advanced Team in 2015, Communist Service Team and Youth Safety Demonstration awards in 2014, as well as, 3rd prize for Fujian Province “Outstanding Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Engineering”.  Earlier years, Ms Li elected “Advanced Worker for IoT experts, “Annual Outstanding Management Cadres” and many more recognitions.

Ms Li has also published several outstanding articles covering topics including “Large Scale Mapping Technology of Airborne and Ground Lidar”, “Application of Three Dimensional Lidar Scanning Technology”, “Geographic Data Unified Service of GRID GIS Platform” and “Automatic Building Reconstruction Method from Airborne LiDAR Data and Maps”.  Ms Li graduated from the University of Wuhan specialising in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.


Mr. Ji Fulong

Surveying and Mapping Engineer

Xiamen Great Power GEO Information Technology Co.

Mr. Ji specialises in the production of map data, processing, inspection and other surveying engineering areas.  A raising star in the field of Surveying, Mr. Ji has over 10 years of surveying and mapping experience.  In 2015, Mr. Ji was awarded “Outstanding Newcomer” for his field.  Prior to that, Mr Ji had always won several awards including “Excellent Surveying and Mapping Engineering” award in 2011, and 2009.  Through his 10 years of experiences, Mr Ji has contributed his engineering expertise in projects in large-scale topographic map project, surveying of collective land ownership, organizing the digital city data collection, real estate planning over provinces such as Jinan, Shenzhen, Hebei, Shandong, Handan, Shanxi, Qinghai, etc.

Mr. Ji graduated from the Heilongjiang Institute of Technology specialising in Surveying Engineering.