The application possibilities of Global Navigation Satellite Services (GNSS) and Location Based Services (LBS) to any industries are unlimited. Spacetime Technology provides you a reliable and seamless platform to cater towards your organization needs be it navigation, retail, tourism, construction, hospitality, finance, healthcare and many other industries.  Through our platform, optimal solutions enhance the ease of use, quality of life and problem resolution. Navigational LBS solution will enable users to enjoy optimal, safe and reliable travelling experience. Through the various solution platforms that offer ePayment, Safety Monitoring, Navigational applications that cut across all industries.

For Tourism industry, the Smart Tourism application deploys the usage of LBS application that will create entirely new experiences for consumers whereby the unimaginable turns into reality – intelligent information being dynamically delivered to consumers based on exactly what they need at that particular time and space.
Fast, easy and secured payment form the core principle of the Smart Payment solution provided by Spacetime Technology. Seamless usage across multi-devices, systems, readers and platforms open up to prevalent usage across different user groups catering to differing needs of consumers, merchants and businesses.
Reaching your destination – safely, timely and cost-effectively – is of paramount importance to us. Whether by foot or by wheels, Smart Navigation ensures high accuracy turn-by-turn navigational guidance via patented GNSS technology.
For the Healthcare industry, GNSS & LBS solutions are designed to improve all situational needs across the healthcare institutions. For instance, in an emergency situation, locating the right and nearest medical personnel is highly critical to save lives.
Smart retail is the perfect solution that brings the well-profiled customers to the doorsteps of businesses and merchants. On the other spectrum, consumers enjoy the benefits of receiving the best lifestyle tips that intuitively meet their needs at every moment, place and time.
LBS solution can be customized for construction industry which tracks workers’ positioning which in turn ensure safety movement within the ever-changing dynamic work site. Thus, reducing worksite accidents which is of paramount importance.